10 Must-Read Books for 4-7 Year Olds

Reading is a receptive skill that is never old-fashioned. However, cultivating a reading habit at a young age is crucial to a child's academic success. Studies have shown that kids who learn to read at ages 4-7 have more chances of being intelligent than their counterparts. Just as food contributes to a child's physical growth, feeding your kid with books improves their level of intelligence.

Moreover, books are a wealth of knowledge; anyone thirsty for knowledge can be filled by reading books. You can never go wrong with feeding your kids with books. Additionally, kids interested in reading books learn about other people's cultures. As a result, their knowledge of specific issues widens, which helps them in making informed decisions later in life.


Nevertheless, if you are looking for the best books for your kids to read, you are just in the right place. This article covers a list of epic books for 4-7-year-old kids to read. Mind you, these books have been carefully selected to give your kids the best reads. The 10 must-read books for 4-7-year-olds include:

Best Day Ever!

Award-winning poet and debut illustrator presents a heartwarming dog-kid tale. A playful pup, a wheelchair, and unconditional love weave a reassuring story about challenges and the joy of being oneself.



Don't Ask the Dragon

Alem's birthday adventure unfolds with clues from forest friends, but one rule stands – don't ask the dragon or birthday joy might turn into a dragon-sized surprise!


The Queen Next Door

A whimsical tale of queens and thrones teaches a heartwarming lesson – true royalty lies in kindness. Gratitude and sharing create the happiest kingdoms in this enchanting picture book.


All About Me: Family

Simple and engaging, this low-level text introduces kids to physical and mental self-care. Questions prompt discussions about personal experiences.


All of Us

Kathryn Erskine and Alexandra Boiger create a beautiful exploration of community and love. They show we're more similar than different in lyrical prose, making it a perfect bedtime read.


I Love Mommy Every Day

A delightful, collectable series celebrates Mother's Day every day with heartwarming illustrations. It conveys love, hope, and kindness, emphasizing that these sentiments are relevant year-round.


Better Together, Cinderella: A Big Sister Fairy Tale

In this enchanting sequel to "Not Quite Snow White," Princess Tameika navigates the challenges of becoming a big sister to twins. Faced with stolen spotlights, Tameika discovers the magic of family togetherness at the community family ball.


I Am Frida Kahlo (Ordinary People Change the World)

Join the New York Times bestselling series as it introduces Frida Kahlo, the iconic Mexican painter and activist. Surviving adversity, Kahlo left an indelible mark on art history, integrating her life and image into her extraordinary paintings.


My Voice Is a Trumpet

From rising country star Jimmie Allen comes a lyrical celebration of diverse voices and their power to effect change. This timely and uplifting book encourages children to speak up for their beliefs, emphasizing the value of all voices in shaping a better world.


A Bear to Share

Jessica Alba, Kelly Sawyer Patricof, and Norah Weinstein deliver a heartwarming story about generosity. Tiana, a girl with a big heart, learns the importance of giving back as she chooses between her beloved teddy bear, Bach and making room for a new friend.


As much as kids within the range of 4-7 may find it challenging to pick up a book to read, you may want to read it to them instead. This approach will help them get the best out of reading. In addition to getting the best from reading, kids must fully concentrate with an open mind. Reading is not a lone job, rather it is communication between you and the writer.


Another approach to compelling reading is picking a book for a week. You can pick or let them choose a book to read and give you feedback every week. Reading consistently will make your kids avid readers.


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