How I helped my client reduce their reading attainment gap in just 3 months

When the head at one of our partner schools came to us, reading engagement and attainment were a real challenge for their setting.

Despite best efforts with early intervention programs,
initiatives to promote literacy across the curriculum and create a whole school reading culture, they still struggled to achieve the expected levels of literacy attainment. Their goals seemed out of reach.

Not long into our first meeting, it became clear that;
➡️SEND children were becoming even more reluctant as they resisted the idea of reading what looked like EYFS / picture books😕
➡️On top of that, they were struggling to keep KS3/KS4 children motivated to read because of the titles in their library
➡️To make matters worse, inclusion and representation gaps were obvious within their book collection adding an extra layer of challenge in engaging children from minorotised backgrounds.

We crafted a brand new strategy for fiction and non-fiction literature procurement anchored in their
curriculum and PSHE topics in particular.

A powerful plan to curate inclusive bestsellers that effortlessly engaged all children and tied in with the curriculum thus enriching wider learning.

The result?
✨ Children in different age groups/reading abilities had access to core set of literature
✨ Use of the library and
reading engagement skyrocketed
✨ Within 3 months they
significantly closed the literacy attainment gap

All from harnessing the power of relevant, aligned and inclusive literature.

When you know how to use your book collection as a way to magnetise children into reading, you will attract & convert even the most reluctant readers.

This is the work we do at Happier Every Chapter.

Reach out via email ( to find out how we can help you create a consistent difference and supercharge reading outcomes.


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