Teach children to own who they are and stay in their power

Empowering a child with the strength to embrace their uniqueness and stay true to themselves is a gift that lasts a lifetime

Unfortunately, it's one of those things which can be tricky to be intentional about

Day-to-day parenting might not present enough opportunity for it

Heck, even as parents we sometimes need that particular sort of empowerment

How much time is wasted wishing for what someone else has?

Wanting to do what someone else does?

All the while ignoring one's own gifts and uniqueness

Teaching a child this from a young age is genuinely priceless

Saves them the heartache of not being wholly themselves

The missed opportunity of not accepting themselves, or not fully stepping and growing into the power of who they came here to be

I wish these lessons didn't take me 40+ years to learn

If you are ready open up such conversations with your children

Our "Lanterns of Hope & Memory" box is for you

Our book of the month is Sun & Moon Sisters

Khoa Le's beautifully illustrated book with a dreamy watercolour 3D effect cover, encourages children to stay true to themselves, celebrate their differences and find strength in their individuality

Where were books like these when we were children?

Curated to honour Chinese New Year, this book is one of up to 5 books you can receive in this month's box

International Holocaust Remembrance Day is 27th Jan. We've got some striking reads for this theme ready to go!

Wait until the children get their hands on the gifts and activities included!

This is for you if:

You know the power of books to teach children vital life lessons

You want to raise confident readers with cultural awareness

You want to help your child develop empathy and emotional intelligence

You want to enrich their wider learning with books and activities aligned to school topics and the curriculum

We have different plans for children aged 0 - 14. 

Boxes normally ship FREE Jan 15th

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