The Importance of Book Ownership For Children

Did you know...according to the National Literacy Trust, a child who owns a book is six times more likely to read above the level expected for their age (22% vs 3.6%) compared to their peers who don't own a book of their own?

Books are not just a source of entertainment;

They are gateways to imagination, knowledge and opportunities.

This statistic underscores the critical role that access to books plays in a child’s development.

When children have books readily available to them, they are more likely to engage with reading on a regular basis, fostering a lifelong love for learning.

Beyond simply improving literacy skills, reading enhances cognitive abilities, fosters empathy, self awareness, confidence and ignites creativity.

Unfortunately, not all children have equal access to books.

Socioeconomic factors, geographic location, and other barriers can limit a child’s exposure to reading materials.

As a result, many children miss out on the transformative power of books, impacting their educational outcomes and future opportunities.

It gets even more sad when none of these factors are at play and parents / educators/guardians are simply not invested enough to recognise what children are missing out on by not having a reading culture

Bridging this gap starts with awareness and action. Whether it’s donating books to local libraries or schools, supporting literacy programs, building a home library or advocating for policies that promote access to books for all children, every effort counts.

One must be mindful though of the fact that not all books are good reads.

Expert and thoughtful curation will ensure books are not only age appropriate, but inclusive and help enrich academic, social and emotional curriculum learning

For parents or educators wanting speedy access to curated books and the associated reading outcomes, Happier Every Chapter monthly book subscription is for you!

With books featuring different themes mental health awareness, Black History Month  etc, children are sure to progress well beyond their expected reading and personal development levels

There are several ways for children to reach their full potential, reading is a major one of those.

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