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Steve Jobs once said "The most powerful person is the storyteller. The storyteller sets the vision, values and agenda of an entire generation that is to come.” 

But the impact of that power falls short when 1 in 8 children in the U.K. do not own a single book, 1 in 5 children in the U.K enter secondary school unable to read properly; all made worse by the fact that 1 in 8 schools in England do not have a library or designated reading space.

Alison Tarrant, CEO School Library Association

"All school library staff have stories of dreaded donations – mine is 6 house moving boxes of donations – when I opened them they were step by step guides to ballroom dancing from the 1950s. You cannot rely on donations to provide a fully functional school library, and you cannot teach the best lessons with poor resources. A well-resourced curriculum has engaging content with relevant and timely resources, and books which bring the content to life. Teachers cannot deliver the best lessons without appropriate resourcing."



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Reading for pleasure is a stronger predictor of social mobility than socio-economic background. Whatever the race, religion, gender or family set up, diverse and inclusive books provide a mirror for children to see themselves as well as a window to see and understand others . 

Be a corporate force for social and academic good. A catalyst for better literacy outcomes; a formidable tool for social justice. 

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Partner with us to add even more value to your employee perks. We offer exclusive discounts for corporate partner employees. Help with your employees nurture a love for reading in their children, improve global outlook, boost their academic outcomes & make a difference to the talent of the next generation.


Sponsor a book bundle for your chosen children's charity or school and brighten the day of a child or two. We also partner with Together for Short Lives & Thomas's Fund who do impactful work in the lives of children with terminal or life limiting conditions. Deepen your corporate social responsibility actions in your local area & make a real difference.


For most children in care, the odds are stacked against their chances of having a better life. Reading for pleasure is a stronger predictor of social mobility than socio-economic background. How would you like to faciliate that change? Partner with Happier Every Chapter and donate a book a month for one or children in care for every sale you make.


Got an event coming up? Looking to bring the market & local businesses to work? Whether you are celebrating awareness days or months like Pride, LGBT or Blank History Month, Happier Every Chapter can host a stall packed full of relevant and engaging bestsellers for children and adaults too.


To inspire the next generation of writers, we offer creative writing & reading workshops for 7-12 yr olds. The popular workshops are run by 2 teenage sisters, published authors & entrepreneurs tapping into the power of inspiration from people children can relate & look up to.


“Diversity is a fact. Equity is a choice & Inclusion is an action. Now more than ever, it is vital to create and hold space in your workplace for genuine belonging. Firms who want to create a truly inclusive culture benefit from our talks on tapping into the goldmine of intentional inclusion.

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What do schools say?

"I have heard children say ‘the character in the book look like me’ - something they could not have said before we had books from Happier Every Chapter. The book boxes we order 4 times a year for the children who have little or no access to books at home are amazing. The books are tailored to the individual needs of the children and the excitement they show when they open them is a pleasure to see. Working with Happier Every Chapter has enabled us to source high quality books to share with our school community."

Joanne M.

Deputy Headteacher
My advice to schools considering working with Happier Every Chapter "Go for it. A great chance to transform the curriculum and the library in the school. Opportunities to inspire everyone, to get reading and reading different texts."

Claire B.

Deputy Headteacher
The impact of these book subscription boxes has also been seen in the pupils' academic progress. As their love for reading has grown, so too has their confidence and ability to read and comprehend more complex texts. Many pupils who were previously struggling with reading have now made significant progress, and their teachers have noted a marked improvement in their engagement and enthusiasm for learning.

Nadine W.

"Staff are reassured that we are able to ensure we are regularly updating our book collection to improve the diversity of the offer."

Emily H.

Head of Junior School

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