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Sagas of Anya

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If you are not one for the waft which emanates from book spines, don't fret. You have not been forgotten. Mbawa Books have got you covered. Nab this item to download the eBook and embark on the heart wrenching journey that is Sagas of Anya

The Blurb:

 What would you do if you had to become a maid at thirteen and work for a nasty housekeeper?After her mother dies, all that twelve-year-old Anya can do is helplessly watch as her once loving father turns to drink. The next year, her family hits a new low and Anya is forced to travel from Cardiff to London to become a scullery maid at the Tippets House, under the watchful eye and cruel hand of Mrs. Axton, the housekeeper.Spirited and bright, Anya quickly makes new friends... and some bitter enemies, too. Accused of something she didn’t do, Anya has to clear her name fast – and yet, she can’t stop thinking about her old life. Will she ever find a loving family and a place to belong again, or is she condemned to a life of drudgery forever?

Told from Anya’s perspective and written by a huge history buff, twelve-year-old Kirsten Mbawa, Sagas of Anya will take you on a gripping, heartbreaking journey of a young Victorian girl determined to survive all hardships and carve her own piece of happiness. Grab it now, and you won’t be able to put it down until you’re finished!