Reading is the most powerful gift you can give a child.

Diverse, Inclusive & Representative Books for EYFS to KS3.

Helping schools desiring a transformation in literacy outcomes and an improvement in the global outlook of their  children. Happier Every Chapter book boxes can nurture the will and skill to read for pleasure  in low attaining or the underserved children in your school. 

If you're a time or resource-poor school leader who wants to close the reading attainment gap & diversify your book collection, we can help.


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Receive themed, value-rich & representative books curated just for you?


Inspire your children to read & write for pleasure to wow the OFSTED inspector?


Meet the requirement for inclusive education?


Audit your book collection to identify gaps in representation?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you select the books?

We work with trusted book recommendation partners and literacy experts to ensure the books we curate and deliver are not only inclusive and representative but are also curriculum aligned.

What is a library diversity audit?

A diversity audit is an opportunity to examine who is represented in your library collection to make your collection more representative of your school community and the world at large.

Can I choose the frequency of the boxes?

Absolutely, there is no requirement to buy boxes for each month. Choose the months whose themes are relevant to your needs and we will ship the boxes between 12 & 15th of those months. We ask for a minimum of 10 boxes to be ordered for each required month.

How do schools select children to receive Happier Every Chapter boxes?

When we work with partner schools, the key decision makers, usually, the Headteacher, Literacy Lead or Pupil Premium Lead will do the following: Assess and select the children to receive Happier Every Chapter boxes, usually based on their literacy attainment levels. Partner schools can enrol pupils for up to 12 months and choose what themes / months they want to receive boxes for. Happier Every Chapter works as a fantastic targeted intervention for looked after children in schools, virtual schools & pupil referral units. Enrol as few or as many children as require this intervention depending on needs and budgets

How much involvement does the school have in administering the service?

We recommend that each school identifies a key decision maker to coordinate the work with us for the coordination of the programme. This decision maker will : 
🎁  Address each parcel to the child
🎁 Distribute the parcels each month
🎁 Communicate any changes in recipient cohort
🎁 Manage the expectations of the children who do not receive the boxes

How often are the boxes delivered?

Partner schools can decide to have their boxes delivered as follows:
➡️Every month between 12th and 15th
➡️Quarterly: 3 months worth of boxes delivered
➡️Delivered in bulk once per year in September

Monthly Subscriptions

Monthly boxes with 1-5 themed &  curriculum-aligned bestsellers, work sheets & gift items. Ideal pupil premium spend.

Book Bundles & Single Titles

Single books or deliveries of 10, 25, 50 or more books for a library representative of today's world.

Whole Class Reading Books

For school leaving gifts or whole class reading titles, we supply impactful & bestselling reads.

Speaking Engagements

Virtual & Face to Face School Assemblies & Events on creative writing, reading for pleasure and DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion).

Library Diversity Audits

Identify representation gaps in your library collection to faciliate more informed procurement decisions.

Want to browse our bookshop?

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Done for you curation

We work with book recommendation partners & teachers to curate books relevant to topics & today's world.

Bite-sized reads for reluctant readers

Popular short stories for the most reluctant or struggling reader.

Curriculum aligned books & activity sheets

Boxes of themed & curriculum matched books/worksheets to help time-poor teachers

Books matched to reading age

We deliver books matched to the child's reading age or level.

Peer-to-peer Inspiration

Virtual or face-to-face school assemblies to inspire reading for pleasure & creative writing

Gifts for a memorable unboxing

Themed gifts to make unboxing exciting. Ideal targeted intervention or gift for the young bookworm

Love from schools like you

Fantastic Book Boxes

Thank you for supporting our school's quest in instilling a love for reading in our most reluctant readers. The children are so excited to receive their book packs each month and enjoy sharing them in school with their friends and with their families at home. Pupils are beginning to build their own libraries at home and positively talk about what they have read!

Nadine W

Our library is transformed!

My advice to schools considering working with Happier Every Chapter is go for it. A great chance to transform the curriculum and the library in the school. Opportunities to inspire everyone, to get reading and reading different texts. Our library is transformed

Claire B.

Wonderful Inspirers

Ahhh how lovely and thoughtful and inspirational of 2 wonderful inspirers of #reading Kirsten and Aiyven from @mbawabooks. They wowed the children @ParklandsLeeds with their @LetsLocalise Zoom session . Now to celebrate BlackHistoryMonth they have sent us this box of delights

Chris D.

So Exciting!

A couple of our year 3 boys with their books from the Black History Month box! They were so excited receiving the boxes and so happy with the contents.

Joanne M.

Relevant and engaging books for our library

We are pleased to showcase our latest delivery from Mbawa Books to add to our Junior School library collection. There are books suitable for pupils across the Junior School, from Nursery to Year 6, with titles such as Little Champions of Justice, Field Trip Disaster and When I Feel Sad, as well as books on the themes of New Beginnings and Beauty in Black History. Keeping our library stock relevant, engaging and refreshed is really important to us, and we know our girls will really enjoy reading these books! Happier Every Chapter

Emily H.