World Book Day Workshop: Creating Worlds With Creative Writing (Online) Workshop Happier Every Chapter

World Book Day Workshop: Creating Worlds With Creative Writing (Online)

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Engage and inspire young writers and readers this World Book Day! Join us for an epic hands-on creative writing & reading workshop for 7-12s. 

Join Us Online on Sunday 3rd March 2024  @ 16:30PM GMT

Kirsten & Aiyven are young published authors, entrepreneurs and speakers with a passion for sharing their love for reading and writing with their peers. As seen on BBC, Channel 4, Daily Express and Disney, our debut novels; Sagas of Anya and Land of the Nurogons were published in April 2020 at age 12 and 10. Since then, they have written multiple short stories for Happier Every Chapter, the book subscription service they co-founded to improve reading attainment and diversity awareness in children 0-14.

Join them for an exciting online event where they explore the art of creating worlds, stories, characters with creative writing. They share our tips and tricks on how to create epic and relatable characters and build immersive and believable worlds that captivate your readers.

Whether you're an avid young writer, just starting out, or you have a young writer looking to take their writing to the next level, this event is perfect. They cover a range of topics including world-building, character development, and plot construction.

In this fun and interactive workshop, attendees will receive:

🎁Exciting instruction on how to write a story & inspiration to read for fun

🎁FREE story mountain template

🎁FREE short story e-Books written by Kirsten or Aiyven themselves. Short stories will be emailed to the email address recorded during ticket purchase (see blurbs below).

The event starts on Sunday 3rd March 2024 16:30PM GMT+0100 (British Summer Time) and will be held entirely online, so you can join from the comfort of your own home. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to learn from and inspired by some of the best young writers in the business!

Here’s what Mrs Julie Cassiano, Head Teacher at Vernon Terrace Primary School had to say;  “What a brilliant reading/writing for pleasure and self-education assembly conducted by two teenage published authors. Nothing like the impact when the message comes from teenagers. Thank you, Happier Every Chapter, for organising”.  

 A Year 5 pupil who attended that session last year was inspired to write a story which was selected for publication in the Young Writers Annual Showcase 2022. 

Hurry! Don't delay to get your tickets. They are running out fast!

The session will be delivered by Zoom.

Link will be sent in 2 reminder emails leading up to the event


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Customer Reviews

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John Kasaija

Learners from St Veronica community school are here by sending their sincere gratitude and appreciation to Kirsten and Aiyven for being their inspirers in creative writing and reading. They were excited yesterday 03rd March 2024 to hear from you and quickly answering their questions.
They were encouraged to hear that taking 20 minutes writing can end up making one write million words and hence can make story books. They came up with the following as their way forward:
To organize writing and reading games, spelling games, organize writing and reading puzzles, talks and quizzes, organize writing and reading competitions, they asked administrators to build a library and stock up with various reading and writing materials, attend more writing and reading workshops. We pray for you Kirsten and Aiyven for further blessings in inspirational writing and reading materials.